5 Reasons to Become a Service Technician

Melissa Russo

5 Reasons to Become a Service Technician

Tuesday, May 31, 2022
Looking for a challenging and rewarding career? A service technician, also known as a diesel technician, works on diesel engines and equipment, repairing, maintaining, and rebuilding them. Many training programs and apprenticeships are available to help you master the core skills you'll need to start as a service technician, including opportunities at LDI. Here are some of the top reasons to be a service technician:

  • · Career Opportunities
    The overall demand for qualified diesel mechanics and technicians in the United States is high and is expected to expand another 3% by 2029. You can train to become a service tech and be confident you are joining an industry where competent workers are in demand.
  • Innovative Technology
    Service technicians use the most up-to-date and cutting-edge equipment accessible. As a service tech, you'll be able to examine and repair advanced technology while also challenging yourself to learn new things daily.
  • Pride in Your Work
    Being a service technician is a rewarding experience since only a few persons can perform the critical functions of your job. As you continue your training and earn essential work experience, you will be able to take pride in your abilities as a service technician.
  • Compensation and Benefits
    You can have a steady career with excellent income and benefits and a rewarding job and working environment as a service technician. Paid time off, medical insurance, dental insurance, 401(k) plans, and other benefits are available to many service techs.
  • On-The-Job Training
    As a service technician, you will face different scenarios every day that will allow you to learn more and broaden your skills. Working on the job and learning by doing are two of the best ways for a service tech to learn—and they will help advance your career.
  • Why Become a Service Technician at LDI?

    ·       Competitive benefits: At LDI, we provide our employees with a comprehensive benefits package and competitive compensation. We provide medical and dental insurance, a 401(k) plan, paid holidays, paid personal leave, and other benefits to our employees. We take pride in providing our service technicians with a satisfying and enjoyable work environment.

    ·       Career Development: Another advantage to working as a service technician with LDI is that we provide ongoing training. Our employee training program gives our staff the tools they need to succeed while also continuing to learn and improve their abilities.

    ·       A stable working environment: Founded in 1988, LDI started in Hays, Kansas when Brian Lang, president and CEO, opened a repair shop right out of his toolbox. Our family-owned business strives to provide a stable environment in which all employees are valued and respected. 

    To learn more about available positions with LDI, internships, and the TechUpToolUp program please contact us online at
    www.ldi.us/careers or call (785)301-2426.

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