LDI Celebrates Another Remarkable Year at the Annual LDI Unite Meeting
Wednesday, February 21, 2024

LDI Celebrates Another Remarkable Year at the Annual LDI Unite Meeting

On February 6th and 7th LDI gathered to “party like it was 1988” at their 80’s rock-themed annual LDI Unite Meeting in Hays, Kansas. Unite was created to recognize the hard work and dedication of LDI employees as well as to bring everyone together at the start of each new year. All twelve store locations joined one another for good conversation, informative group sessions, and team bonding activities.


This was the first year the Parts, Service, and Sales department employees were combined at Unite; therefore, bringing new connections and conversations throughout the twelve stores. Overall, Unite is an opportunity to bring everyone together to discuss game plans for the new year. The meeting is also perfect for the three teams to train and work on their specified skill sets. Sales worked in groups, learning how to grow in their position. The parts team investigated the importance of managers and how to be successful when situations arise, and the service team discussed their computer programs and ways to look forward to future success. 


The Unite meeting had a special guest speaker who presented on the Soundtrack to Success. He discusses the importance of mental self-care and taking the time to identify ways to change habits and attitudes within your workday. Overall, his talk was beneficial to remembering how important mental health is on the job and at home and ways to self-identify stressors and triggers within our lives. 


An awards banquet was held to honor huge successes throughout LDI in 2023. Four Parts specific awards, one combined Parts & Service award, and four Service awards were given to store locations. Six salesmen were also awarded for their sales achievements throughout the year. Lastly, the most prestigious LDI award, the Gerald Funk Award, was presented. This award is named after an individual who truly “Does what it takes” and has been doing it for many years within LDI. To receive this award is a great honor and representation of the name engraved; therefore, Brad Smith was awarded the Gerald Funk based on his hard work and continuous outpour of dedication to the company!


Overall LDI Unite created a productive atmosphere between all workers who could come together and reconnect before hitting the ground running into 2024. LDI looks forward to this year and we are proud to continue, “Doing what it takes!”



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